Rework – job search lessons from entrepreneurs

Recently the founders of 37signals released their second book – Rework. It explores some of the common misconceptions of starting a business and serves to deflate the bubble somewhat of what starting a real business is all about. As a founder of Jobspeaker, I read it with interest hoping to pick up some gems of […]

What makes SXSW so popular?

I attended the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas this past weekend, my first time. I have been a long-time admirer as someone with 20 years experience in the technology industry. I have heard that this conference was unlike all of the other technology conferences and was something special. I started as I usually do […]

The Art of the Approach (networking to your next job)

This post is Part 4 in our 7 part series on how to manage your job search. So I have to admit that writing this blog post took longer that I expected and I guess it reflects the difficulty of the subject matter. Making contact with colleagues, friends and other acquaintances in looking for a […]

Why Google may not be on your ideal target company – 5 questions to ask

This post is Part 3 in our 7 part series on how to manage your job search. In theory, building a target company list sounds simple – pick companies that you would like to work for and add them to your list. Alas, creating a good target list requires some work and is an evolving […]

Jobspeaker: “Manage your Job Search” FREE Service now available

Jobspeaker is excited to announce the availability of our next feature: Job Management. Using our FREE service, the Jobspeaker Firefox Add-on and our Jobspeaker Website you can now manage all of your jobs in the one place online. With the New Year almost upon us and hopefully a new job market beginning to open up […]

Understanding and choosing the right Job Search Strategy(s)

This post is Part 2 in our 7 part series on how to manage your job search. So you need to start looking for a job? Perhaps you just got laid off, you’ve just realized that you need to proactively find a new job or you just need to re-launch your job search after a […]

How to Define the Goal of Your Job Search

This post is Part 1 in our 7 part series on how to manage your job search. Defining Your Goal: Before you start out on any journey it’s important to know your destination. In this case it’s a life-long journey so it’s best to be realistic. In other words, don’t set your goal to be […]