Jobspeaker’s Platform Helps Engage and Manage Students in Job Search and Career Development

Engaging in a meaningful job search and career development process is a must for both students and employers. Student engagement makes for a meaningful college experience in their learning and skills development. For educators, ensuring that students are active participants in their academic and career journey is setting students up for success. By creating career […]

Does Your Degree Matter?

The question of whether or not your degree matters is a question that carries a lot of weight. Some take pride in their degree/s and the livelihood it has contributed to, while other graduates may feel misplaced, lost, or ultimately questioning their effort in acquiring their degree. One of the most significant decisions an individual […]

Why work-based learning has college students thriving in job preparation

Do you have work experience? This is a common question asked by employers interviewing college graduates for entry-level positions. The response is either a “yes” or “no”. To mitigate the “no”/lack of work experience for college graduates, the real answer is work-based learning for job preparation. Today work-based learning holds more importance than ever as […]