The process of searching for a job can be overwhelming. The web search can bombard you with extensive options of job search platforms and services claiming to offer the road map for the best route to job searching and getting hired. However, you encounter confusing directions leading to job search dead ends, out dated information, high service fees, and cumbersome sign-in processes that leave you exasperated from it all.

Jobspeaker has crafted a system of successful job search routes that efficiently and successfully lead the job seeker to their career destination. Through experience and understanding of the challenging roads job seekers may experience and find themselves on, Jobspeaker is paving new pathways with clear signs of direction, fueling knowledge and skills gaps with informative tutorials, and career maps catered to each unique individual’s job destination goals.

So what makes Jobspeaker different?

Many job search platforms offer a connection from employer to future employee, and at times the connection stops there. Jobspeaker extends this connection and is part of every element of the job search process: preliminary, search, application, hiring, follow-up protocols, and the overall tracking of results. Jobspeaker offers a well-rounded service that represents a unique role in today’s workforce.

Educators, students/job seekers, as well as employers each play a role in shaping the workforce. One of the significant components of Jobspeaker’s service is that it is not exclusive to one party or type of job seeker. Essentially, the value of using Jobspeaker’s platform are:

  1. Jobspeaker offers a connection point and solution for job seekers, educational institutions, as well as employers and their communities.
  2. Built-in tools offer a one-stop entity that contributes to every aspect of the job search.

Who and How Jobspeaker Helps.


  • Student and professionals can experience easy to use tools relevant to the process of job seeking today.
  • Jobspeaker’s services encourage proactive job seekers through networking, research, interview guidance, and more.
  • With Jobspeaker it is possible to manage everything from potential employers, events, contacts, and much more all in one place from any device.
  • Job seekers may add context to their job search while maintaining information relating to their personal Jobspeaker account activity.
  • Jobspeaker encourages guidance in fresh angles such as work-based learning.
  • A plethora of video tutorials and forms of advice can be accessed by topic when needed. These learning tools serve as informative and relevant knowledge that enhances a job seeker’s confidence in their journey.
  • Jobspeaker takes location into account and provides opportunities that are relevant to a location of choice.

  • Career service management and student engagement tools aid educators in communicating/reporting to regulators and accreditors.
  • Educational institutions have access to a larger pool of employers who can provide thorough requirements of the candidates they are seeking.
  • Jobspeaker offers a system of data results that allows for educational institutions to truly know their areas of need or areas of success in guiding their students through job seeking processes.
  • An educational institution’s alumni network is utilized and heightened within the services.
  • Educators experience further support in guiding their students in one complete platform.

  • Employers are provided with tools to connect, find, and interact with candidates that may be considered for hire.
  • Companies can more efficiently fulfill their needs in internships and work-based learning programs by placing their openings on the Jobspeaker platform.
  • Jobspeaker provides a pool of better prepared graduates that hold the specific skill sets each employer may be seeking

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