Salary question is always a sensitive matter.
One thing we know is that you should not bring up salary question or negotiation in the interview. If the employer asks or insists, you need to handle the matter carefully.

If asked about your current salary, keep in mind, to be honest since they will find out sooner or later. And do not be the one to call the amount of compensation first. You do not want to low volume yourself or  price yourself out of their range. That being said, the best answer to this question is below. 

“Based on the responsibilities that are involved with the position and the level of importance I know that this company places on the role, I’m confident that the right candidate would be properly compensated “

However, depending on the company or industry you apply for, they might expect you to answer with a specific numerical figure. In that case, look up Glassdoor or LinkedIn to research typical salary range for the position you applied for, and prepare your answer before the interview. 

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