In addition to “Tell me about yourself”, questions on your strengths and weaknesses can be very tricky.
When you’re asked the question, “What is your greatest strength/weakness?”, you need to emphasize your sales points and at the same time be honest about what you are not good at, but with minimal negative effect.
In this and next blog post, we will give you some tips on how to answer strength/weakness questions.
Let’s start with your strength.



When answering this question, try to find skills that match to job description of the position you are applying for. It could be one or combination of these.

  1. Experience or knowledge based skills
    Any skill that you developed through previous experience or education that are related to the position.
    Often technical skills. (e.g. HTML, Languages, web design etc.)
  2. Transferable skills
    Any skill that you can apply to the position from previous experience
    (e.g. presentation skill, project management skill etc.)
  3. Your unique personal characteristics
    What your personal quality can offer.
    (e.g. punctuality, creative thinking, detail-oriented etc.)


After clearly identifying your strengths, the next step is to explain how you applied the strength in real life situation in the past.
Also don’t forget to explain how you are planning to use that strength to the position you are applying for, and show how the company can benefit from hiring you.
By doing so, the interviewers can easily see when, where and how your skill may help the company.

Feel like you’re ready for interviews?
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