technology evolves
I recently changed from being a Crackberry user to the iPhone. I have been using a blackberry for 12years so it was not a decision to take lightly. I held off for a long time as I thought using a phone without a keyboard would just be impossible for me because I use it so much on the go. But switching to the iPhone keyboard wasn’t so bad (as everyone had told me) and doing so has a much bigger benefit – I no longer feel inclined to even try to text and drive (a very very good thing). There were lots of other reasons including:
  • My blackberry was looking a little worse for wear
  • My contract was up and I wanted to try something new
  • The apps platform just isn’t as easy to use or have the apps I want
  • It’s not as cool to be seen with a blackberry anymore – most people assume it was forced on you because of work

But these weren’t the important reasons. My ultimate decision was because it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to explain why I was still using a blackberry. In my consulting, I can’t say I’m on top of mobile trends if I’m using the platform that more and more users are getting off. I know blackberry is launching new phones in Jan 2013 and I hope they can turn this trend around but they have a huge task ahead to become a viable alternative to iPhone and Android phones.

But how does that impact you as a job seeker – it means that you have to be very conscious of what your technology stack says about you. When you walk into to an interview you have to be aware of your digital footprint (I’ll write separately about this soon) and your technology stack. Your technology stack is all of the technology you use on a daily basis in your life i.e. your email address, your computers/tablet/mobile devices, your online accounts. Its not necessarily physical items but in particular around a job search its the items that you use to track your job search and it’s the items that the employer/hiring manager sees as he/she interacts with you. There are a few that are very important, leaving aside your digital footprint for the moment, they are:


  • your email address, if you are still using a compuserve account, it’s time to change it
  • your phone, like it or not it says a lot about you

In specific industries:

  • in technology, its your ability to demonstrate your prowess using the tools for the role
  • in media tv, it would be how you get your tv (Web, Apple TV, Roku, …) perhaps?
  • in graphic design, it would be your software/computer choices perhaps?

In technology related industries such as mine, these are an extension of your brand. They say how much of a laggard or an early adopter you are. But whether its a technology stack or a design stack or a fashion stack the same holds true. If you want to be taken seriously in your profession you’d better be seen to be using the latest tools of the trade.

  • If you are in car manufacturing, what would you do if you were driving to an interview with Ford?
  • If you are a carpenter, perhaps its important what table saw you use?
  • If you are in fashion designer, what do you wear to an interview?

What are the tools of your trade?