Are you a Weekend Warrior for your passion?

Are you a Weekend Warrior for your passion?

The typical refrain from a lot of job search and career counseling books out there is to find a job you are passionate about and actively pursue that as a career. But honestly for some if not most it’s hard to find a job like that. So instead we have to settle for a job that allows us to live where we want to live and to afford to pursue our passions in our spare time.

The urban dictionary definition for a weekend warrior is as follows:

“A person who has a boring rat race job, and compensates by being irresponsible during the weekend.”

So I propose a new definition of Weekend Warrior than more aptly describes you or someone you know looking to fulfill their passion on weekends:

“A person who has a job that doesn’t match their passion and compensates by pursuing their passion with vigor during the weekend.”

I’ll give you a few examples that I heard of recently, one personal, one from NPR and the other I heard from a colleague as I talked about my wanting to write a blog post on this topic.

My own personal story: I was a weekend warrior this past weekend warrior – I decided it was time to tackle our long-time ailing back fence the day after Thanksgiving. I did not know what I was in for – it took 2 full days to repair a fence post, fix the broken parts of the fence and then cover the 4 different types of fence with a facade so that it all looked uniform. For someone who enjoys working with his hands but rarely gets a chance to do it, it was an exhausting and sometimes painful experience (my hands are looking a little battered). But once complete I was able to stand back, look at my work and honestly say that I enjoyed the challenge of it all and the loved the result. It was a different type of work and a different type of reward than my week day work and as such was appreciated so much more.

Next a story I heard on NPR: Most of you have probably heard a story or two like this one. This one caught my attention because it’s such a great demonstration of people’s ability to pursue their passion in their spare time regardless of the outcome and it’s about LEGOs (and I love LEGOs). This individual (Will Chapman) started making World War II lego parts himself for his son to build out WWII scenes (LEGO does not make parts like this for philosophical reasons). He became a weekend warrior pursing his passion for making secondary market LEGOs which has now become his full-time job with his company BrickArms.

Last, I had a conversation with a colleague today about writing this article and she mentioned how she was not able to pursue her passion: teaching. Because she can’t earn enough being a teacher (a bad situation but a topic for some other time perhaps) instead she earns enough doing what she is very good at in her day job so that she can pursue her passions elsewhere. Now she hasn’t quite figured out how to do that more but I’m sure she will get there.

To me, I realized that it’s OK to not be passionate about the day job as long as you can indulge your passions elsewhere. How are you a Weekend Warrior for your Passion?