Bootstrapping your startup
I decided recently that it’s not enough for this blog to talk only about the problems some of you experience in the job search. While specifically what we are working on, it doesn’t talk about how we are going about building our company and why it’s so difficult. I know while I was job searching I was also working on this very service, perhaps some of you are doing the same?

There are many bootstrapping and startup blogs that talk about the entrepreneurial experience. Some are very successful, like venturebeat which talks about news/deals in the VC industry, others like venturehacks talk specifically to entrepreneurs and offers excellent advice; Eric Ries’s and Steve Blank’s offer advice to entrepreneurs on how to build their companies. (Mr Ries’s blog inspires me to write this as he focuses on problems that confound entrepreneurs but more about that later …). I guess, 37signals would be one that’s more relatable to our experience (and if you are new to it, I highly recommend the book that it has spawned). However, while these conversations serve their purpose very well, they still do not offer any real comfort or insight to people trying to bootstrap a company in their spare time and trying to overcome some of the inherent problems therein.

So, if you’ll permit me, I’ll start talking about these very issues on occasion and try to put forward the lessons we are learning to try to push our company forward. If you have any suggestions of topics for these posts please let me know in the comments below.