Welcome to the JobSpeaker blog.  We are launching our blog to give you an opportunity to learn about our service before we launch our alpha product, influence what we do before and after the alpha and generally get you an opportunity to learn about what we are all about.

We are planning to have the alpha version of our product available very soon, so please stay tuned to receive an invitation to join when we are ready. In the meantime, what is JobSpeaker all about? JobSpeaker is a service specifically aimed at helping you manage your next career move, be it your 1st or your 20th job. Looking for a job is a difficult task and one that can be emotionally, physically and financially stressful. In these times particularly, looking for a job becomes even more difficult because of the number of jobseekers on the market. That’s were we plan to help. We are going through the same issues, we are technology professionals that have recently been let go, are having problems finding work and having problems finding services to make the whole process easier. We are experiencing the same emotional highs and lows, having some of the same financial strains and we want to help others in the same situation.

We want to launch a service that you find helpful as you are pursuing your next career move. But we don’t assume we know what problems you experience so let’s first discuss what you do as you begin thinking about a career move. Do you contact all your friends, do you use LinkedIn to contact people in interesting companies, do you take a look at your resume again, …? And where do you run into problems however small or big that frustrate or make the process more difficult.

Looking forward to your input.

Team JobSpeaker.

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